Joan-Albert Serra

Music, Arts and Education Consultant and Researcher
About me



I believe in the transformative power of music and the arts, their potential to contribute to positive change and wellbeing in society, and their capacity to foster empathy and understanding among culturally diverse people and communities.


My mission is to contribute to the realisation of this vision for music and the arts in today’s increasingly complex and rapidly changing cultural, social, economic and political environment by:

  • promoting access, education, participation and engagement in music and the arts of people from all ages and backgrounds;
  • supporting the training and professional development of musicians and artists;
  • stimulating research, innovation and artistic creativity;
  • fostering cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue;
  • building creative relationships between stakeholders from the public, private, community and voluntary sectors;
  • encouraging local, national and international cooperation;
  • and developing strategies to improve the organisational culture, diversity, inclusion, quality and sustainability of the organisations I work with.


The fulfillment of this mission has been the focus of my extensive career as a leader of music education institutions and programmes (including conservatoires, colleges and schools), consultant, lecturer, teacher, curriculum designer, researcher, QA reviewer, international relations coordinator, speaker, writer, entrepreneur, producer, performer and composer.


Working philosophy

Creativity and innovation are part of my DNA and the main motors behind my work ethic. I’m always ambitious about the outcomes of the projects I get involved with and I approach each one of them in a caring, unique and holistic way, considering their artistic, social and economic implications and taking into account the needs and views of all internal and external stakeholders.

Areas of expertise

Throughout my career in the music and arts sector, I’ve developed expertise in:

  • Leadership, management and organisational culture
  • Cultural and social research
  • Curriculum design and pedagogical innovation
  • Higher education and professional development
  • Arts management and production
  • Audience development and engagement
  • Quality assurance (QA)
  • Project design and management
  • International relations and networks
  • Cooperation and entrepreneurship


    I make available my expertise and experience to:

    • Music and arts organisations
    • Schools, colleges, universities and higher education institutions
    • Public administrations, foundations, trusts and charities
    • Venues, ensembles, bands and orchestras

    My domain name takes its root from “eka”, the Sanskrit word for one, the symbol of unity, the unity and harmony that music and the arts can create.